Well you might not, unless you are a disc golf course designer—
in which case you'd immediately recognize that these are blazingly hot graphics, instead of what are usually static and poorly designed
​On the other hand, you might care, because if I can translate from Dave's
chicken scratches (see below) to these easily navigated ​guides of beauty,
​imagine what I can do for your company. Sorry Dave.  

Kenneth Hahn Disc Golf Course


Dave's chicken scratches

Buena Vista Hill Disc Golf Course

​​graphic design & advertising


You wouldn't know it to look at them, but these are highly specialized instructions ​
​for ​how and where to tee off on several Southland disc golf courses.

Chavez Ridge Disc Golf Course


"Lori’s design
aesthetic and rendering skills gave us superb tee signs and maps for our disc golf courses.
We got lucky when
​we found her!"

​- Cliff Towne, DISC