​Most creatives hate to sell themselves, and I'm no different. But it's important you get to know who I am and how I work: With this much experience, I like to think out of the box on marketing ideas. I am clever, responsive, creative. There is nothing more gratifying than having clients say, "Wow, this is even better than I'd imagined!" 

I also spot grammatical, punctuation errors and typos, which makes me rather unusual as graphic designers go. I create, edit, market, advertise and design everything from business cards to neon signs. Website design, web consults on functionality too.  Now that you've found me, let's get started:  Call 310.346.8088

(approval as sent to Lori)

– Dawn Miller, Argyle Tiger Studios​

 – Jimi Schlegel, AKA Mr. Bagel

– Kerri & Dave De Rosier

​​​​“Working with Lori to  design a logo ​for my new company was easy and gratifying! 

She has an excellent working knowledge of design and the nuances ​required to create exactly
what I wanted, and is beautiful as well! It is already greatly enhancing and an integral part of
​my brand.
Just like her, Lori's designs are lyrical and whimsical!”​

client comments

​​graphic design & advertising

targeted design

​​​​“Lori has been with us for over 20 years, during which time she's designed my husband’s dental practice logo and all collateral, periodically updating them to keep things modern. ​She also designed my business logo - I asked for specifics, and Lori delivered!  Lori is creative, efficient, and has the utmost integrity. She is there for us, and will be for you!”

"I came to Lori with a peculiar request--to create a logo for my one-man band that espouses a playful, yet professional nature. Based on a drawing by a 9-year-old student of mine, Lori produced an image that exceeded my expectations while remaining true    to the original vision. She showed great patience and accommodated my numerous and specific revision requests throughout the    process. To say I am happy with the final product would be an understatement! I wholeheartedly recommend Lori Joy Designs to    anyone seeking professional quality graphics with a unique spin."